gaulded skin ?


A relative (truly) was working outside in the . As a result of sweating and mowing/weed eating, he now has abrasions (rash like) between his butt cheeks. Old timers used to call it gaulded. How can he clear this up? We purchased some of the OTC meds for vaginal yeast infections, but I don't want to add to his discomfort. Would it be better to use a medicated powder to keep it dry rather than and keep it moist?
Thank you.

I used to work in a restaurant and working long shifts during the summer with high humidity would result in this condition. Among waiters, it's comically known as "monkey butt". However, it can occur in the arm pits as well. The best treatment for this I've ever found is either Diaperene or Balmex. Apply it liberally and don't try to rub it in. It should provide some immediate relief. I will usually also apply it just before bed and it will be all cleared up in the morning.